Is Zayn Malik Bringing Us A DESI BHABI After Gigi???

Celebrities are born to get attention from the media, their fans and haters. No big deal about it. However, unnecessary attention and news coverage of celebrities can be pointless. Zayn Malik being one case in point. But we can all have some fun, can’t we ?

He has always created hype internationally and now more so locally in our very own media.

In the light of his recent and juicy break up news with Gigi Hadid, there are a lot of speculations. His fans and the media most of all is feeding their hunger with the speculations about him looking for a desi dulhan.

Five Possible Reasons of Zayn-Gigi Breakup

It sounds ridiculous but we have always dreamed of our heartthrobs to pick a desi girl and have always been disappointed. Take Imran Khan for example, when young and handsome the whole nation thought he will marry a desi kuri. He brought a life partner the total opposite of everyone’s expectation. And many hearts were broken.

Although we know that chances of Zayn Malik finding a local Pakistani girl are slim but we like to dream and have some fun. So what is the harm? Let us gossip and speculate and guess who will be the next girlfriend of the sort after singer.

Gigi nahi tu koi aur Bibi sahi…

Now we should go and hunt down Zayn Malik’s wordrobe for all his ‘made in Pakistan’ shirts until an update on his relationship status hits the media.