#ZainabMurderCase: Taimur Rahman Stance on it

In this video, Taimur Rahman is mainly talking about #Zainabmurdercase. It is a highly recommended watch. If memory serves you, you will remember that the man in the video, Taimur Rahman, the vocalist from Lal Band and now a lecturer with LUMS.  The video if summarized is thought provoking and sensible.  You need to watch this, to get some insight into the root cause of rape cases, sexuality, power and violence.

The speaker in the video explains why the psychology behind men who rape little girls and boys. He presents his arguments from a psychological aspect.

Read the developing story about the case here


Today I shared the visiting card of the criminal who raped and killed Zainab. He was a professional naat khwan. DNA…

Posted by Taimur Rahman on Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The link to the above video can also be checked here

#ZainabMurdercase is related to each one of us. We need people like Taimur Rahman to guide us and help us as a nation.

We need to wake up to save our Zainabs and Asmas