#ZainabMurderCase: Another Twist, Dr Shahid Masood’s Revelations

Yesterday Dr Shahid Masood made some disturbing revelations related to #Zainabmurdercase. Just when the CM closed the case, when the culprit got caught,  when we were forced to clap,  when the microphones were switched off,  when we were about to rest our conscience into sleep; there was a new angle in the whole rape episode.

Dr Shahid Masood has been summoned by the supreme court regarding his information

Watch Dr Shahid Masood’s video here

The video claims the culprit caught is not a simpleton, not any regular carpenter. He is not psychologically disturbed. He is asking why the Punjab government is lying. Are they really bluffing the entire nation as being claimed?

Dr Shahid Masood #Zainabmurdercase

If Dr Shahid Masood knows the names of some ministers, why is he holding back?

The culprit  is backed by a bigger international mafia, with several bank accounts, most of them being foreign bank accounts with transactions of foreign currency. The culprit has the backing of famous influential personalities of Pakistan. According to Masood, the operation is much bigger. Child abuse, child pornography is a business worldwide, which is a fact. It has its players in Pakistan as well. The culprit is a small part of this game.

But what big names in Pakistan is he talking about?

Does the CM know there is more to this case than meets the eye? What was the reason by switching off the microphone?

Dr Shahid Masood #Zainabmurdercase

If the culprit is the real and only criminal in this whole case, can we as a nation be part of the courtroom trial? Can we witness him plead guilty to his crime in front of the whole nation? So that some dust, some doubts could be settled?

Food for thought, time to reflect on ourselves

When our Pakistani cricket team wins a championship, we all celebrate as a nation. We are joyous; we take pride in their victory as if we made them win. Technically speaking if we are fans of cricket, our cricket team winning has nothing to do with us directly. It was their skills; talent and hard work that made them win. We are just here to support them, cheer for them. Right? If we were directly playing a part in their win, we should also get a medal, a big heft cheque like they get. But we don’t and yet we celebrate the victory as if it is our own.

Now consider this. Something bad happens in your community. Something tragic takes place in your city, your province, your country. What do you do? Most of you take a passive stance. There is garbage in your street. What do you do? You shrug it off and pass by saying well I didn’t throw it. Five minutes down the road, you roll down your window and throw an empty wrapper.
A girl gets raped and you think, well thanks God it wasn’t related to us.

Thinking of the shame you would have lived with, so you are relieved it is not you. You think about the criminal, you abhor the cruelty of the world, you feel for the parents but then you go about your life.

But wait a minute. Who am I to take that tone with all of you reading this, when I’m also one of you? Who gave me the right to point fingers when I m passive myself? There are still better people out there, who protest, who raise their voice through whatever means they have against something unjust happening.

We all cried and raised our voice on Mishal Khan’s murder, on Naqeebullah’s death in police encounter, on the child abuse scandal in Kasur, on how Zainab was raped and left on a pile of rubbish. We tried to do our part. Could we have done more as a community? Not just when all these tragedies occurred but before they happened. Have we made our society into what it is today that these horrible incidents take place every other day? What part did we play to let this happen time and again? It is not the point that crime takes place in a society. The point is, what happens in the aftermath of a crime? Does the victim get justice? Do more criminals think twice before doing unjust? Does our law become better in the light of previous crimes?

Below is a story of a well established USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University team doctor who got sentenced for 40 to 175 years in prison for child sexual abuse. His victims got a chance to make impact statements, which were read out in front of him to make him realize of his offense. This is how a country, its law; their judiciary gives catharsis to its victims.

Read the full story here

Can we do that? Can we get the real answer?