Yumna Zaid Ali Shares Her REAL LIFE Story, and it’s Definitely Inspiration For Many

One of the prime reasons of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts in young girls is self-doubt. Or it would be better to say that its not self doubt but assurance that “I m not pretty”. 

Make Your Arms STRONG not Smooth- says Sana Mir

The concept of not being pretty is not something in born, but the patriarchal society makes a girl realise it and believe it. A strange fact is, its the not guy to whom a girl should look beautiful, is the one to tell her about ugliness, but mostly the women in society set standards of beauty.

However, there are women around us that are source inspiration for the girls who think that their appearance is not up to the mark.

Social Awareness Against Body Shaming 

I am a big fan of famous youtuber Zaid Ali and her wife Yumna Halit. I like Yumna not because she is so beautiful, but because she is so original. Her recent instagram post has made me an even bigger fan of her.

Yumna Zaid Ali

I see around, I see people commenting on others’ looks so conveniently. What they never bother is that they are not only commenting on someone’s looks, but are actually commenting on Allah’s creation. Few days back, I came across Nauman Ali Khan’s lecture,

We should be happy with our looks! A confident person is not the one who is very beautiful, but her/his optimism and peace of mind give her/his confidence.

Yumna’s story is not only an inspiration for the girls who think they are ugly, but for the mothers who think that their daughters are not beautiful, so who is going to marry them. Look who married Yumna, Zaid Ali, who is the crush of many girls.

So, be happy with your looks, and say thank you to Allah 🤗