“YouTube Stars War” Comes To End With Ducky Bhai’s FINAL Response Video

Sham Idrees, Queen Froggy and Ducky Bhai, or in other words the YouTube Stars are in state of war from past few days. Ducky Bhai “roasted” Sham Idrees and Queen Froggy by proving them fake through the copied videos and banning words in the comment sections.

Then Sham Idrees and Queen Froggy made a response video. After watching that response videos from Sham and Froggy, I also thought that they are changing the meanings of their own said statements. Thats what Ducky Bhai said in the “Final Response Video” too.

What I feel is, Froggy and Sham made this response video just to defend themselves in an attacking way. As somehow Zaid Ali defended Pakistani YouTubers too.

Lets see what Sham Idrees and Froggy respond after this final video,