TEN Ways of Using Coca Cola Other Than Drinking

Using Coca Cola: Coca Cola is without a doubt the most favourite soft drink around the world. At the same time it is also hugely dangerous for human consumption. The acidity in the drink decays tooth, bones and lungs over time. It has a high PH level of 2.5 which is not suitable for our bodies. Now imagine this, the level of battery acid is lower in PH in comparison to Coke!

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But you know what else is coke good at? As a cleaning products. By now we have all seen a video or two showing how this fizzy drink can clean our toilet seats! Time to go through that list again, I guess?

1. Remove strain from fabrics

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If you have food stains or any kind of stains on your fabrics, put some coke on the spot and wash as normal. You will be surprised to have a spotless new fabric.

2.  Get rid of bloodstains

blood on shirt
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If you soak the affected piece of cloth in coke and wash it warm water, the bloodstain will get off. Quite unthinkable but well it works.

3.  Cleans oily engine

car engines
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Blocked car engines can be cleaned with this soft drink. If the engine is soaked in coke overnight, it works well and removes oil and dirt.

4. Gum stuck in your hair?

gum in hair
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Well it is hard to imagine why you would have gum stuck in your hair unless you someone played a prank on you. Worry not because coke will come to your rescue yet again. soak your hair in a bowl with coke in it for a few minutes. The gum will eventually lose its hold on your locks.

5. Polish your coins

old coins
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You might be into collecting old coins as your hobby. Or you might just want to clean some of your pennies. Coke will easily clean the dull coins into polished new ones. By now you know the drill. Just soak the coins in coke for a good amount of time. You will see if it is working, if not then keep the coins soaked in coke for longer.

6. Toilet cleaner

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Yes, now comes the trouble we all face. Dirty toilets. And coke has become somewhat of a star online for cleaning toilets like never before. Pour coke inside the toilet bowl, brush it and flush. People have seen good results with this method.

7. Burnt pans

burnt pans
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We have all been there. Who hasn’t accidentally burnt their pans. Now there’s a solution to clean the pans. Simply pour Coke in your pans until all the grease is dissolved. In the end wash them as always.

8. More stains, more Coke.

marker stains
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By now it is clear to us that any kind of stains can be cleaned with Coke. So if you work with pens and markers and accidentally get them on your fabric and clothes, fear not for the super Coke will do wonders as it does with all kinds of stains. Pour coke on the marker stains and scrub, clean with soapy water. Hope it works!

9. Remove paint

metal furniture
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If you have paint on your metal furniture, soak a towel with coke for a week. Rub the furniture to clean off the paint marks. The towel has to be soaked well with the drink in order to get maximum results.

10. Rusted things around the house

rusted tool
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Rust can be hard to remove. Tools, nuts and bolts easily get rusted. Soak a sponge or a cloth in Coke. Rub the soaked sponge on the rusted things and voila!

So next time you go grocery shopping, buy Coke not for your consumption but for all the above problems.