Women In Islam: Oppressed or Liberated?

The ranks of honor given to women by Islam and the powerful love we can give as women are truly the attributes any woman can proud of.

A woman is a source to bring a man into this world. A man cannot even bring a man from himself. She is the backbone of every society as she raises individuals, builds homes, families, and ultimately societies.

Women in Islam: Oppressed or Liberated?
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She has the capacity to do work beyond anyone’s expectations. A woman has the ability to do multitasking. It Is very hard for a man to perform multiple tasks with due attention yet women can do so and manage everything very well. The emotional and unparalleled strength are also few of her capabilities. They have the ability to comfort others like no other. She is precious like a pearl, and men like a husband, a brother, and a father have to protect her. A woman sets her own example of resilience. Her level of patience and tolerating things has no match.

Women in Islam: Oppressed or Liberated?
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Women are not bound to earn. Yet they are given a choice if they want to earn. Its best example is shown to us in the form of Hazrat Khadija (R.A.) who was a reputed businesswoman of her times.

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Islam appreciates their right of getting remarried in case of a divorce or a widow. In case of any calamity, women are not left alone in the society for the rest of their lives. Rather there is always an option for them to consider remarrying. And find a suitable partner for the rest of the life.

Women in Islam: Oppressed or Liberated?

Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) loved her daughters and gave them much respect they deserve. Prophet Mohammad said whoever brings up two daughters in the best way and make them married will be closer to me like two fingers.

There is another saying of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) that the best man is the one who treats his family in the best way. Thus,

Allah ne beti bnaya to rehmat, behan to shafqat ki haqdaar, biwi to mohabbat or izzat, maa to Jannat uskay paun talayy rakh di.

Women in Islam: Oppressed or Liberated?
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