Woman Went To India For Medical Treatment, Drugged, Raped & Murdered

I went through this news story about a woman who travelled to India for the treatment of her depression, but what happened to her, can depress many of us.

Skromane was a 33-year-old Latvian woman. She travelled to India all the way from Ireland for the treatment of chronic depression.

Unfortunately she was  drugged, gang raped and then murder. The body of that unfortunate woman was found in forest hanging with a tree.

From past five years, the deceased was living in Dublin with her spouse. In February this year, she came to Kerala with her sister.

According to a report by NDTV, she went to India for ayurvedic therapy (as remedy ofndepression) for which Kerala, India is famous for.

However she went missing just after few weeks of her arrival, as she went to visit the beech.

On the unfortunate dawn of 21st April, her dead body, almost decomposed was found in Mangrove forest hanging upside down.

Reports by local Police said that she was drugged and rapped by two men before her death. Both murderers are in police custody now.

I am not sure whether this observation of mine is true or not, but such terrific incidents have become very common in both India and Pakistan, or maybe the entire world. Or maybe the communication has become very fast and our access to national plus international news have become very rapid.  In my opinion the reason for such incidents may be increased frustration and lack of morality. We certainly need to educate the male members of our society to respect the “right to life” of others.

May Allah bless us with peace.

The article was originally published in dailymail.co.uk