Sahar Iqbal, A Perfect Example of A Successful Multitasking Woman of Pakistan

Curiosity and an urge to grow have been a human’s nature since ever. But if these qualities are extended to broaden the horizon from restricting just to own self to the welfare of well- being as a whole, it does wonder. It is just your vision and scope which differentiates you from all other ordinary people and I believe Allah helps those who genuinely need to do something. Sahar Iqbal is one of such ladies, who doesn’t seek improvements in her own life but in the society overall. She is indeed one of those bright stars of our society which surely brightens and influences the whole sky. Let’s read what this brilliant lady does, how and her impressive ideology.

Sahar Iqbal

Tell our readers about yourself.

I belong to a small hometown Sahiwal where I have received my education from ST. Mary’s Convent School. It was a good period of my life but even in my school years, I was a restless soul, always wanted to make some difference but it was a small hometown and there weren’t much of the platforms available. I remember the parents were not even keen to allow their daughters to come into the limelight. Even if you want to do something crazy, you would always get to hear the same cliched words, ‘LOG KIA KAHEIN GAI”. Trust me in small cities, this phrase has become part of us as our families don’t let us follow our dreams within the same city.
From the beginning, I wanted to be a journalist since there wasn’t any of the platform available in my city, I couldn’t pursue my dream at that time, although I did freelancing in WIKKID when I was a kid. Luckily my father got his posting to Lahore and this was the time when I decided to choose for my college, this led me to get admission in Kinnaird College for Women in English Literature. Kinnaird is an amazing institute where you get to know many shades of females. I would not call them bully group, but you will get a chance to meet loads of girls who would judge you on your branded clothes. Since I wasn’t much a brand conscious type of girl and was extremely skinny so most of the time I was their punching bag.

When you are a teenager, you don’t even know how to cope with negative emotions and therefore it can either become your strength or completely damages you. This didn’t break me at all I tried to put my entire energy on my goals. One thing that I still wanted to do for myself is to stand up at that time and tell them that the world outside is beyond superficial things. I got married when I was 24 and now I have a kid. I was always scared of the notion that husbands are not supportive but luckily my husband is my pillar of strength.

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Kindly explain briefly about your achievements.

I am currently based in Lahore and working as a government officer for the government of Punjab. Along with that, I am running my own PR firm with my lovely partner Maheen Hussain. It is the only PR firm looking after sports project. We looked after the PR of Leisure Leagues and Hockey World IX and also some part of brand PR in terms of PSL. Besides that, I am also working as an agriculturist on my husband’s inherited land where our priority is to give most of the employment to women living in the village. After marrying into a family with rural background motivated me to work in the agriculture sector, which contributes 20% of Pakistan’s gross domestic product and employs 42% the labor force.

Besides all these, I am also a full-time mother of a wonderful kid who always keeps me on my toes. Trust me above all the jobs in the world, motherhood is the toughest yet the sweetest job.

Sahar Iqbal

Tell us briefly about your PR projects.

We are currently looking after PR of all sports events. The leisure league is the highlight among all sports activities besides cricket. Besides sports PR, we also look into film PR and celebrity management, we are looking after the accounts of many renowned players and artists.

How do you manage your time and energy to do so much?

A woman can achieve anything if she gets the right support and encouragement. Things are difficult and sometimes I get so frustrated that I really want to leave everything and hide somewhere (laughs). in my workplace, my partner Maheen looks after so many things that I overlook due to work pressure. So, this healthy environment keeps me moving all the time.

Sahar Iqbal

What is your motivation behind everything you do?

Just to create the difference. My entire motive is to prove others that woman can do anything in this world and are best multi-taskers. All they need is right platform, hope, and encouragement. You want to see magic, just provide them with all these ingredients.

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Who is your biggest support regarding what you are doing?

My mother and husband are my biggest support. My mother for looking after my son, when I am not around and my husband for always encouraging me. If I am down, they are always there to cheer me up and show me the bright side. My younger sister also puts hope when I am down.

What is the name of your PR firm and what actually your PR firm do?

Our (Maheen Hussain and mine) PR firm name is Trans PR and it looks after the PR of sports.

Sahar Iqbal

What were initial thoughts from your family/peers when you floated your idea of promoting sports in women?

The family has always been our pillar of support. We were doing PR for so long but when we came across sports PR during Leisure Leagues, we were amazed to see the women representation in the sports department. It was equal to none, only a few women were working in sports journalism and it was quite challenging to run around in a field almost full of men. But then we enjoyed it and decided to solely focus on sports PR.

Sahar Iqbal

What were the most challenging moments in attaining your goals specific to sports field?

Sports field was a new sector to work on for both of us and hence we were and still are learning. But the most difficult part was to make people realize that yes women also have the capacity and interest to work in the sports sector.

Our rural women have been contributing to agriculture since ages. What different you made to promote them to work?

It is 100% true that I have seen more women empowerment in agriculture fields than in cities. But what is unfortunate is that these women working in fields lack education, resources and are living below poverty line. They might not have access towards luxuries of life and hence are not able to bring change for themselves.

Recently, I along my husband has formed a biogas plant in our village that has enabled them to produce their own gas instead of depending on Sui gas. In the beginning, they were hesitant to use the gas as they considered the gas filthy. It was a difficult task to make them understand the real usage of the natural resources. Currently, I am contacting few NGO’s to open a school for free education there while I am also working with multi-national firms to train and facilitate the women sector of my village in terms of dairy. These days I am arranging their training with different companies to help them progress in the same field that they have been known for so long.

Which department are you serving being a part of Government of Pakistan? 

I am currently working in Directorate General Public Relations, Government of Punjab.

How do you see the differences between working in a public sector and in a private firm?

There is a huge difference between the two sectors. Both of them are working on their grounds, however, private sector works more promptly while things are little slow in government. You can witness a lot of file work.

Your area of interest which is the closest to you.

PR, PR, and PR.

Are you satisfied with what you are doing?

A human can never be satisfied, the sky is the limit.

Your future plans?

To work more for the benefit of the people living in my village. People living in cities have the chance to change their fortune and they have the access as well. What is sad to see is the people residing in the remote and rural area is that they are dependent on their village rulers to bring a change. There is an entire system that has to be changed.

Any suggestions to those young girls who have the spark to do a lot, but society doesn’t let them come forward.

Speak up, work on what you believe and passionate about.

Your thoughts about

You guys are doing a fabulous job, keep up the good work.

We wish Sahar a very good luck and assure our support with her ambition and goal.