Wish I was on flight 0514from Madrid-A Coruna

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 had many prerequisites. The most significant was its preheating problem that made it banned from aircrafts. The smart phone was reported to be canceled later on. However the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has gone pretty smoother.

Great minds have great ideas. In a recent flight from Madrid to A Coruna, the South Korean company Samsung has given away 200 Galaxy Note 8 units to flight passengers absolutely free. This was an act to highlight the improvement Samsung has made in its Galaxy Note series.

The travel website, The Points Guy broke the news on Monday morning. According to the reports, Samsung gave away the devices to all the passengers of Iberia flight 0514. Also Celestino Garcia, Samsung Spain’s Corporate Vice President was on the flight and greeted the passengers personally.

The device had a very nice message along the device, “A year ago we asked you to turn it off. Today, we welcome you on board.”

It was an impressive thinking by the think tanks of Samsung to make people forget about the life threatening potential of their previous edition.

Celestino Garcia having selfie with passengers