Why do we have winter vacations BEFORE winters?

This morning waking up the kids for school was easier said than done. Poor kids, reluctant to get out of their cozy comforters asked wistfully, “Why do we get winter holidays BEFORE winters? Can’t we have them IN winters??’’ Well they had a valid point.

winter vacations
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The Pre-Winter Vacations

This year the Government of Punjab announced the official “winter “vacations for Punjab schools from December 25, 2017 to January 4, 2018. Looking at the weather conditions, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the kids had “pre-winter vacations”.  When the intense cold arrives accompanied by chilly winds, many children fall prey to seasonal illnesses and have to miss school. Those who stay healthy still find it difficult to attend school in the freezing mornings.

The winter season in Punjab has become very unpredictable. With each coming year, we have observed a decline in the severity of the cold. When we were young and school going, December was the month of extreme cold and foggy weather. Due to an overall shift in the global climatic conditions, the wintry weather in Punjab now sets in quite late in January.  Considering the weather outlook and the term “winter’’ vacations , it isn’t a bad idea for schools to schedule these holidays in mid or late January. I’m sure a lot of mothers of school going kids would appreciate that.

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Getting the kids ready for school, from getting them out of their beds to managing the younger kids’ tantrums about the layers of warm clothing they want or don’t want to wear is a Herculean task. Children catching viral or bacterial infections in schools are also a concern for them with or without the added nuisance of gas load shedding making it difficult to prepare their breakfast and lunches on time.

To sum it up, we need to revise our schedules and holidays to accommodate the changing climate and facilitate our school going children.