Why Did Google Say $1=PKR 76??? Pakistanis Know Why πŸ˜…

Last night around 1 am panic spread all around social media that US dollar has fallen to 75.26 Pakistani rupee. It was not a rumour in air, Google actually showed these results;

doller to pkr
Via DailyPakistan

Not only Google but Bing also said the same story

dollar to pkr
Via DailyPakistan

It meant that all the major search engines were showing same results. However our great Pakistanis did not believe it because of their extreme practical approach and as per the ritual started making fun of it

YES! We All Believe Bhutto is our Real Sajjan!

The Girls’ Mentality πŸ˜…

Because I like Asad Umer, Google Likes him too! Justified!Β Β 

Dil-Khush FehemπŸ˜’

What a Perfect Depiction!Β 

Level hai Boss!


Hard Work… Real Hard Work!

Pakka Aisey hi hai!


The best ever Dollar Jokes


Aur Yahoodi aur Amreeka bhi!Β 

No Joke is Complete without the entry of Amir Bhai

Choti Choti Khushyaan!

How can we ignore the ‘made in China’ Factor

What an amazing allianceΒ 

Very Bad…


Hayei Sachi!!!


Uff ye Pranks!!!

Our favourite comedian also gave his view on it!

That was all in good humour and the Pakistani style. The actual reason behind this fake reporting was the fact that Google and Bing both take the data from Morning Star and morning star wrote it wrong, so did Google and Bing. However we strongly believe that dollar will fall again and Pakistan will rise to heights of success…