WhatsApp Alert! DO NOT Open the Black Dot Message, It Can Crash Your SmartPhone

There is a new bug in WhatsApp ‘The Black Dot Message” that can crash your smart phone. The freaky message is creating trouble since weekend.

The bug can be identified with presence of black dot in centre of the WhatsApp message. According to the experiences of Reddit users, the “infected” message has a bunch of hidden characters like a “text bomb”, which becomes active once tapped.  It overloads the app, that can freeze your phone.

Also according to users who have experienced the problem, say that there are various types of message, but the “black dot” is most common.

So far WhatsApp has not commented anything about the bug neither has revealed the solution to problem. However we are looking forward to it.

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In case you receive the message that causes your phone freeze, simply reset the phone, to get back to normal.

Fortunately, none of the users have experienced loss of data or anything serious.

Via The Sun