What’s the most undervalued personality trait of today?

Values change with time.  Some years back, we used to idealized some traits that do not matter anymore. Yet have you wondered what’s the most underrated trait of modern age, its politeness.

Politeness actually means to behave like a gentleman or gentle woman. Everyone knows it, and the masses say that its very much important to be polite, but nobody adopts politeness in his/her everyday behavior.

Holding Door For Someone

Hold the door open for someone and when anyone does it for you, develop habit of saying ‘thank you’.


Offering Seat

Be gracious enough of offering your chair to someone who is in more need like old or sick people.

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Helping Others

If someone drops some stuff, help him out in picking it up rather embarrassing him.

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Don’t Make Fun Of Someone’s Infirmities

Don’t ‘market’ someone’s infirmities that may hurt him/her.

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Don’t Make Someone’s Dressing An Issue

Don’t make fun of anyone’s appearance or dressing. Let him/her be comfortable in his own way.

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There are many situations in which we can act politely. Nowadays politeness has become so rare, that people confuse politeness with flirt.