What’s the One Thing That Makes Mahira Khan “Different” From Others?

Mahira Khan is very beautiful, but many other celebrities are beautiful as well… She is a very fine actor, we have very talented actors in our media industry… the list goes on… But what I feel there is one feature that makes her different from many others is, her generosity. Generosity in her words. She never hesitate to appreciate, condemn, congratulate or help…

Considering today’s date, two of her latest posts were about congratulating others,

mahira khan Mahira Khan

Then there are lot of public service messages that she spread through her social media pages.

Her stance on Roshaan Farrukh’s (the student from BNU who committed suicide at the campus because of depression)  death was very helpful.

mahira khanMahira Khan

So, I appreciate her for good deeds. But what do? The General Public,  Comments, comments and comments. Thats it. We believe that its our birth right to comment on all those appearing on TV. They may be politicians or media celebrities. Those who think have complete command over religion feels it ibadat to talk about celebrities and name them kaafir. What they forget is, talking about someone in a negative manner in his/her absence, is called backbiting. Those who talk about their scandals and media portrayed stories, also forget that charging someone about something he has not done is called tuhmat which is again a big crime! So we all should think before speaking!

Coming back to Mahira Khan, I feel she is quite mature in dealing with immature comments. For example, today when congratulate Mohammad Hafeez on his excellent game, someone commented,


Thats Bravo!

In the end I would like to say, we as a nation needs to GROW UP!!! We should learn to mind our own business. If we have disagreement or disliking towards anyone, just stop following him/her. Why comment or to be more particular, why bullying?


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