What’s cooking?

What’s cooking? I bet if we conduct a research on women who directly or indirectly belong to Pakistan, about the most frequent question to their peers or families, it would definitely be ‘What to cook today?’ or What have you cooked today? Or What to cook tomorrow? Tenses could be varied, but yes, it would be the FAQ (frequently asked questions) in every home.

As technology advancements take place, and the speed at which world is becoming a global village, access to almost everything is in your hands. And, so why food is to be left out? Ever-growing food channels and cooking shows on TV, cooking competitions, youtube food channels and videos, online recipes, recipe related mobile applications, every particular move lead to answer your particular question.

I think the main problem a House Minister faces, arise because every person from baby to toddler, to a teenager, a young man or middle-aged man, grandpas and grandmoms all have their own priorities or likes/dislikes when comes to food. And fulfilling everyone’s changing desires on daily basis indeed require ones’ a lot of mental exertion.

Some Practical Tips

I would suggest ladies not to take this matter to your nerves. It is not as big and unresolved issue as Kashmir dispute. Little intelligence makes the matter under control. How? There are few practical tips which I follow, and I am going to pass them to you. Hopefully, they would assist you in this hard-wrenching phase.

First, you can use post its, or notes for yourself, containing all elementary nutritional components. Like vegetables, rice, pulses, meat, bread and room for dessert. Now dedicate days to them. And try to cover all these components in a week. You can step forward with a lot of options for each component. And can vary dishes on weekly basis but the core elements would remain same. You can go with lots of bread options. Believe me, it works. at least in case of children, but I also enjoy. It adds a fresh variation on your dining table.

Another tip is to make a specific weekly menu that you are going to follow in a week and post it on your fridge or somewhere in the kitchen. And make a norm in your home that every day, your partner or any decision maker/s in your family would mark what they would like to eat next day from that chart. It would be kind of a game because the dish with maximum markings would be cooked that day and it would be a surprise too. I don’t mind eating out but have restricted to once a week. You can select that day beforehand.

I agree that  “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well”. So, cook, eat, be happy and thankful.

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