Welcome Ramadan by Dedicated Parents

Dedicated Parents is a recently registered organisation in Sweden with an aim to provoke a sense of social and religious spirit among parents, who then instil the essence in children. Its vision is to transform lives. The aim of this organisation is to get parents actively involved in their kids’ life as this digital era has created an invisible wall between children and parents. To embed Islamic values in the core of children to nurture them in the best possible way. The foundation has been working since 2015 even before it is registered and given a name. Workshops on various topics have already been conducted in the past like Parenting Course, Home Budgeting, Time Management. Encouragement and Discouragement, How to be a good mother? and Welcome to Ramadan.

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A few days before, I got a chance to attend its most recent workshop which was based on Ramadan & Kids. Since we all know that our upcoming generation is so advanced, tech freak and quick, so there is a need felt to educate, translate and communicate the Islamic values to them via interactive learning and play-based sessions. The particular session was literally designed to serve the purpose. Mehwish (pediatrician) and Meimoona (dentist &  therapist) who were the main organizers gave participants a tool kit full of activities which we can do with our children in homes during this holy month. Some of the activities include fun games, Ramadan Calendar, moon sighting activity, charity boxes, good deed calendar, Ramadan crafts, gratitude chart, iftar platters, Salah trackers and so on.

Although the number of participants was not huge this time the workshop was a success in the sense that all the participants were very happy and satisfied with the time they invested and with its practical implications. They promised to apply some of the learning techniques and make such an environment at home so as to make kids excited and boost their knowledge about the upcoming month of Ramadan and Eid festival. The workshop ended by a brief guest lecture by Miss Abida Bano (founder of Easyheal and a therapist) who thanked all the participants to join for such an important topic, and congratulated for being here and gained insights which would be fruitful in the coming future.

Overall, I am really impressed by the dedication and lust of organizers to transform lives, not only of themselves and their children but of the society overall.

Its upcoming events include Online Ramadan Class for Kids and Eid festival. To know more about the events, visit https://m.facebook.com/groups/410258493069567?tsid=0.6917966687476553&source=result