Waiter DIED of Customer’s Miss Behavior; Where is humanity?

A sad incident took place on Sunday when a man serving as waiter could not stand the “heavy disgrace” given to him by a “worthy” customer, and died.

The owner of Qabail has shared the incident in these words, Last Sunday I visited Qabail late. It was 12:30 midnight and I went straight to my office. I had no idea of what had happened there just before my visit.
“A group of three customers walked into Qabail restaurant and an order taker(Murtaza/Fuji) welcomed them and gave them the menu book. They ordered a starter and right away after going through the menu started complaining about the prices. Then they called the same order taker (Murtaza retired from Army on health basis) and got harsh on him. When he apologized and tried to calm them down, they got louder and started insulting him and threatened him that they would beat him. It was awkward and embarrassing for Fuji (order taker). Generally, it is assumed that as a waiter/ server you are expected to have a thick skin and if a customer is critical about your services, you are expected to just grin and bear it.
The order taker continued to be nice and polite. The poor man continued to apologize for whatever they didn’t like and said that setting up the prices in the menu wasn’t his domain but insults and abuse didn’t stop. The group left and Murtaza quietly sat in a corner. When asked by other staff members, he informed them that he was never insulted like this before. Shortly, the waiter had a seizure. His whole body started shaking. He started vomiting. His condition worsened and later became unconscious. I was informed the moment I arrived. We tried to talk to him but in vain. Rescue 1122 was called. He started bleeding through his mouth. We cleaned him as much as it was possible till an ambulance arrived. He was taken to Services Hospital at around 1:30. CT scan was suggested. It showed brain hemorrhage.

Qabail restaurant waiter died
Images of Brain Scan showing hemorrhage

We were advised to take him to General Hospital after consulting the relevant people. I decided to rush him to General hospital. The staff at General hospital was courteous. After doing few tests and another CT scan, he was taken to the operation theatre.
It took doctors seven hours inside the Operation Theatre. Foji/Murtaza was shifted to ICU. He remained in a state of coma for a week. He died yesterday leaving behind three little kids (a daughter and two sons).

I am not saying that customers should stop criticizing products or restaurants. But insulting poor staff? There is always a decent way to register a complaint. At Qabail, I have always tried accommodating the poor ones rather going for the most capable ones, where I know customers are not harmed in anyway. I have few disabled people working at Qabail’s various projects, reserving for them a position which they can easily cope up. They have to be given an opportunity somewhere which is important for our society and for them. They must be respected. So next time when you think of visiting Qabail Restaurant/or any other restaurant, kindly make it a point that you don’t explode your ego in front of a poor man who is standing there to serve you and to earn meals for his family. Treat people the same way as you want them to treat you.”

This young man died because he could not bear the disgrace and insult. Irony is, this man was a hardworking man, struggling to earn bread for his family. He certainly deserved respect and honor that most of us have. Murtaza should be as respectable as one taking high salary for working in a multinational company. What makes me and him SAME is the hard work we do to earn respect and money.

Qabail restaurant waiter died

The generous Umer Khan Dawar, the owner of the restaurantis paying full salary to the family of deceased, However, his words brought tears in my eyes that nothing can bring back the father of those young souls. He also told that people are demanding to make the CCTV footage public.

May Allah creates ease for Murtaza(in hereafter) and his family in this world.