Vince Focarelli: From A Gang Leader To Restaurant Owner

Vince Focarelli, an Italian gangster, respected by his group of men survives several near death incidents to turn to Islam eventually. Here is a story that is truly inspiring. Something that is bound to leave everyone in awe of human transformation.

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Today he runs a halal restaurant La’Fig Cucina in Sydney, Australia. His restaurants feeds Muslims and Non Muslims along with feeding the homeless with the profit earned from the business.

But there is more to his story. His life is real but sounds like reel life. A notorious, underworld figure, a gang leader, a drug dealer, who escaped death on at least 5 occasions now lives a totally opposite life.

He was the target of 6 assassination attempts of which he narrowly escaped all.  Unfortunately, his former business did affect his family life. In 2012 he lost his son Giovanni in one of the similar shootings. While he survived, he did lose his son forever.

Focarelli led a gang in Australia. He got realesed on parole in 2013 after completing a sentence for drug offences.

Did that incident in his life made him take a U turn for good?

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What compels people like him to leave the glamour of such a life where they are part of a mafia, where they have seen and enjoyed power so close? What makes them leave all that gives them authority and power to make a drastic shift to a life of peace and religion? There are just quite a few things to think about and learn from people who are capable of changing themselves for a better, healthier life for themselves and the community.

Vince Focarelli’s story is inspiring. But more than that it also makes one wonder how humans work. It also makes you think how human will power can make one do everything. From being a dangerous man leading a life of crime and action takes a religious oath, comes clean and starts helping the homeless and the needy as well.

Is there more to his life ? Yes and here is the  link

While his story remains incredible, and people are till talking about and sharing his videos, he faced deportation risk from Australia last year. He had to close his small restaurant and leave the country to avoid facing deportation.

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