Veena Malik Becoming a Typical PHOPHI towards Sania Mirza’s Son

The emerging new talent on twitter, Veena Malik is making din dugni raat chugni progress on twitter. So far I have analysed that she is a huge fan of Imran Khan and always commenting on everything.

As after recent Pakistan India match, Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik are very active on twitter, Veena Malik also stepped in and started showing his concern for the Bhateeja Izhan Mirza Malik. Actually she is really worried about the tarbiyat of her little nephew. She thinks that Sania is not being a good mother as she said,

She totally forgot that Sania Mirza ne bhi dunya dekhi hai! She dealt with Veena very well and asked her politely (maybe) to mind her own business.

Here, I also believe that mother knows the kids best, so unnecessary infringement by Veena Malik was weird. What do you think?