Urwa Honane’s Reply to ‘Veere Di Wedding Star’ Makes her a Perfect Pakistani

TWO FACED PEOPLE are certainly not uncommon. They are everywhere. Swara Bhasker is the most recent example. However it is hard to believe that someone can be so stupid that on same topic, two different platforms and this much of contrary views. STRANGE. This is called height of Hypocrisy.

Indians and Pakistanis both on one point, i-e, disliking Swara Bhasker 

On a Pakistani platform, she is praising Pakistan, and on Indian platform she is saying Pakistan “a failed state”? But thank God we also have good sensible people around who know how to deal with such kind of WEIRDNESS. So Urwa Hoccane took to tweeter and actually bashed her.

Urwa Hocane has come up with a perfect and detailed reply to this Swara Bhasker. We love our country, and no one is allowed to pass derogatory comments on it.

I remember Slum Dog Billionaire was banned in India because it showed the real life of slums in India and how they treat their minorities. If they ban their own Oscar Winning Movies just because India is scared of seeing its own face in mirror, how come Pakistan is failed state? and yes please don’t bother Pakistan, we certainly don’t need your attention!

Also Swara says that Pakistan is run by Shariyah law and that’s why it has banned veere di weeding. What about Indians who have such views about the movie?

I actually believe that all Indian movies should be banned in Pakistan. Forever!