Urwa Hocane Response Over Social Media Trolling

The leading actress of Pakistan media industry was bashed on social media for comparing her own wedding with the Royal Wedding. She posted on her facebook account,

Bus ye kehney ki dair thi, and people started trolling her on social media like anything.

Urwa Hocane trolled on social media for comparing her wedding with Royal Wedding

So after lot of bashing, she finally responded to the matter by telling why it happened. 

In an exclusive chat with Something Haute, Urwa said, 

“First of all, I’d like to clarify that I didn’t do that post. Someone on my team got a bit carried away with the royal wedding and posted that it reminded them of my wedding. Which is quite sweet actually,”

In response to the media trolling, she showed best of sportsmanship by saying, “But of course, we love trolling our own people and that’s what happened. It doesn’t bother me though, in fact, some of the comments were actually quite funny and did make me laugh,” 

Now thats impressive. The best way to deal with controversies, is to take them easy. More seriousness you put in the matter, more trolling you face.

Mawra Hocaine also defended her sister in a tweet by saying,

What do think, Urwa is defending herself or is it true that she didn’t do it?