Types of Coffee Lovers

There are different types of coffee selling around the world. Its main ingredients are water, coffee, cream, milk, and chocolate. And by changing the proportion of these ingredients, people come up with different types and name them differently. Of them, the most renowned are espresso, cappuccino, latte, flat white, long black or just black, macchiato, and mocha.

Types of Coffee Lovers
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I always find myself giving tough time to remember which kind of coffee contain which elements? So, I decided to categorize it not by the types of coffee, but by the types of coffee lovers. And believe me, it is really a quick solution to fix my problem. Obviously, eating almonds and sharpen my memory would take time! Anyways let’s explore the types of coffee lovers.

Types of Coffee Lovers
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1. TOO Much Milk

People add too much milk but just a hint of coffee. Such people are normally called desi coffee lovers. If you tell a genuine coffee lover about this type of coffee you like the most, you would normally like to hear such comment,

Genuine Coffee Lover: …Coffee me dudh kaun daalta hai?

Me: Gee me daalti hun, aapko koi aetraaz?

Types of Coffee Lovers
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2. Just Black

People fall into this category make coffee by just adding water to coffee. And nothing else. I mean no milk, no cream, and absolutely no sugar. I must say and probably you people also admit that these are genuine coffee lovers. They enjoy the freshly crushed beans aroma and its strong flavor, with no complementary addition.

Types of Coffee Lovers
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3. Only CREAM

Such people are more interested in having cream rather than the coffee itself. I never understand why such people won’t take just cream directly? I mean why they spend time in making coffee when they just wish to have cream, and more cream and more.

Types of Coffee Lovers
How much cream is too much cream?

4. Anything with COFFEE Flavor except drink itself

Such people like coffee flavor but don’t take hot coffee drink itself. They look for any coffee cupcake, coffee ice-cream, caramel coffee cake, iced coffee, coffee candy, coffee shake but say sorry to warm soothing coffee drink.

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5. The Selfee Syndrome

And how can we forget the people who are addicted to both coffee and selfie? I call them selfee people who have a crush on both. Please note down that this is my own invented term and so, you won’t find it in the dictionary.

Types of Coffee Lovers
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Types of Coffee Lovers
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I am also thinking to highlight the origin of coffee someday. Till then enjoy your coffee with the type you enjoy the most. Don’t worry about others. Just CHEERS!

Types of Coffee Lovers
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