Twitter Warriors Slammed Ushna Shah For Being Rude With Pizza Boy WITHOUT Knowing the Actual Story

Many of us argues that celebrities should be given space as they are human as well. Thus if any celebrity does anything wrong, should be ignored sometimes as its humane to err.

BUT I strongly believe that a “public figure” needs to stay concerned about the presence of”Public” in him/her being a Public Figure. However I also believe that before starting bashing celebrities, PLEASE read the full story!

Recently Nigaar of Balaa, Ushna Shah, took to social media to tell the public what she did with the Pizza delivery boy;

Ushna Shah

Right after the tweet, the twitter’s Khudaai Faujdaar started their job, i-e, slamming the actor;

There are many other tweets, but cannot share them due to indecent language. I think seconds after this first tweet, Ushna tweeted other things as well, but were totally ignored as her first tweet was enough to break the outrage;

But paani to sar se guzr chuka tha… that’s why at that time she responded to the hatred people expressed for her;

Ushna further explained;

So this is the whole story. But a BIG lesson for Ushna to not share such things on tweeter as people are always ready to bash celebrities.