#TrumpDumpsPak & #HahahaUSA; A Social Media War

The time since American President Donald Trump has tweeted the degrading message about Pakistan, a social media war is started between two groups; #TrumpDumpsPak & #HahahaUSA.

#TrumpDumpsPak is supported by the group of people who are in favor of Trumps action, and obviously #HahahaUSA has Pakistanis who are defending Pakistan and replying back to Trump supporters.

The participants of second group are very much obvious. However to my surprise, the participants of first group are NOT obvious. According to my observation, they are 98% Indians. They are insulting Pakistan like anything. It looks like they had so much in their hearts, and now they have found a way to response.

The media war started by Narendra Modi himself, when he gave very derogatory remarks about Pakistan in response to Trump’s tweet.


and then started the social media war


These were some of the opinions given by Indians out of many. India was no where in the war of terror. There are possibilities of RAW involvement in many terrorism incidents in Pakistan. Yet they are saying such stuff. One of there spy is still in Pakistan’s custody who was definitely not here to sell aloo and piyaaz.

Regarding the war of terror, Donald Trump had these words few days back;

Pakistanis are not inferior to anyone. especially when it comes to sarcasm and humor. So they did not miss a second in giving response;


I second the last tweet. We definitely do not need “bheek”. We need leader, a genuine leader. Who takes us out of this shame of relying on aid as a country. We are a nation of strong people, who has stayed united on many fronts. We have had a lot, we have lost a lot for the war of someone else. We are losing our “Jawaans” of Pak Army, for whom there are no words from US or anyone. We are the ones who faced APS attack, Naval college attack, to name a few. I wish Allah answer  our prayers of taking us out of darkness and leading us to new horizons of success and independence.