closure of schools
By:Sana Usman-April 4, 2021The third wave of the coronavirus is considered even dangerous than the first two. Every day increas
Halina Khan
By:Guest-April 2, 2021By Sahar Iqbal Halina Khan famously known as HK is a Pakistani-born singer-songwriter. She hailed f
By:Sana Usman-March 28, 2021Vacations means halla gulla. You want new places to hang out everyday. Picnics are never ending. So
By:Zainab Rizwan-March 17, 2021Have you heard about the upcoming sensation, that is soon bound to go viral on social media??? A bus
Muhammad Amir
By:Zainab Rizwan-December 23, 2020 The Pakistan Cricket Board has confirmed that Muhammad Amir(cricketer) has retired from internat
Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul train
By:Zainab Rizwan-December 23, 2020It has been decided that the Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul(ITI) freight train will resume operations in&