Traveling Alert! Vietnam’s Golden Bridge

Traveling is fun. We have heard such phrases from lot of people that if traveling would not cost anything, you would have never seen me again. Indeed, exploring world is the kind of fun you cannot match with any other kind of entertainment.

When it comes to beautiful destinations of world, or tourists attractions, many names come in our mind. However recently, I am seeing pictures of Vietnam’s golden bridge and I am literally dying to go there…

Lets have a look at its pictures,


The Heavens on Earth!

Certainly the architect of this master piece had no idea that the pictures of this amazing architecture will go viral on social media.

Vu Viet Anh ofTA Landscape Architecture told AFP, “We’re proud that our product has been shared by people all over the world,”

At the height of 490 feet, the bridge snakes were first made by French colonists as a hill station in 1919.

This area is now a major tourist attraction with cable car, wax museum, faux castle and cathedral.

So if you have a curious nature of discovering new places, Vietnam’s Golden bridge is your next destination!