Do you prefer Travel by Train, Road or by Air?

Are you a travelholic person? Do you enjoy destination, nearby places, food, stay, travel, traditional crafts shops, or whole as a package while you plan to go somewhere? What is your preference when it comes to traveling mode? Travel by train, road or by air?

Travel by train, road or by air?
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For me, the excitement of exploring a place begins from the beginning. Like the foremost question after deciding destination is always a choice of a traveling mode. I personally prefer traveling by train, to nearby cities, or countries even. As it gives pretty good room for stretching and walking yourself. It usually takes a minor break in between stations to get a coffee or try their local eateries. Access to toilets, bistro, is a plus. Moreover, I always find it more comfortable than air travels. As traveling by train doesn’t call for much waiting/boarding/immigration/landing and takeoff time. And unlike cars, it’s not much stress.

Travel by train, road or by air?
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If you ask the same question from my husband, it would always be THE CAR. HIS DEAREST CAR. And he has many valid reasons behind his choice. Firstly, he enjoys driving. He always takes interest to know the possible road structures to cross even national boundaries. Some time ago, he saw the possible road route from Sweden to Pakistan. And he became excited about that. Besides its feasibility, he enjoys the liberty while in his own car. I also can’t deny this factor. As one becomes relaxed when you’re traveling mode is your own car. You don’t need to worry about exact timings. And you are not bound in a cabin for hours. You may come out of your own car whenever you feel to take a breath of fresh air. Take photographs or food or anything else. Thus, you are not time bound.

But it has its negative effects too. Like you have to be too careful and all-time attentive. You become sensitive to every voice or smell that comes from around. It gives you sort of goosebumps if it’s from your car.

Travel by train, road or by air?
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When it comes to distant international travels, you are left with no other option than air travels. And like in everything, we try to experiment airlines as well. Just to take a feel, experience and to differentiate one from another. My next article will be upon my experiences so far about different international airports. Till then, you may like to read about types of flight attendants.