Traffic Warden “Shot Dead” Because He Asked A Person Not to Park in ‘No Parking’

Do you know your death might be sitting in car next to you. Or in a shopping mall, or in a restaurant, or anywhere where it is least expected. As a muslim I do believe that malik-ul-maut can catch you from anywhere, but this much of cruelty?

Wadairey Ka Beta culture in Pakistan

A traffic warden named Shahid was on his duty yesterday at Committee Chowk Rawalpindi. Few minutes before iftar, a person came and tried to park his car in the No Parking Zone. Shahid stopped him as per the requirements of his duty. This person came out of his car with revolver and shot Shahid. Shahid was taken to nearest hospital where he could not survive and died. Another local was killed too.

Traffic warden killed in Rawalpindi
Traffic Warden Shahid

The murderer was caught by the public from crime scene. The videos going viral on social media to burn that cruel person.

The murderer is now in police custody. I wish and pray he gets death penalty for his wild behaviour.

Traffic warden killed in Rawalpindi
The Murderer-Raja Roidad

I think this issue is far more important than taxation on mobile credit. Hence our high authorities should look into the matter please.