Time is Money

Time is money but no money can return your time. In fact, I believe that time is more valuable than money. Because you can get more money, but you can’t get more time. And it is applicable in almost every walk of life. If it is a matter of examination hall, or if you are going to catch a flight or bus to your destination. If it is a matter of investing in stocks or timely promotional activity. Your timely action is needed and rewarded. Or else, prepare for the consequences.

It is another debate that if you possess a lot of money, you can get your services done by someone else and thus, you utilize your time to do something more productive. We live in an age where robot vacuum cleaners can clean our houses while we work and we can buy food delivered at home with a snap of a finger or a phone call. Of course, it comes at a cost. You might not afford to buy home delivered food every day. But the more you work, the less leisure time you have, and the more your free time is worth enjoying. So, when you are in your most busy hours, it is probably worth it. We need to invest in the time to a larger degree and focus more on what we like and are good at.

As time is one of the most valuable resources, what we need is to prioritize the things that matter the most. Don’t say that there is still time, or I can do tomorrow or may be next time. Because there is also a concept of being too late. We also hear that don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today. By doing this, you also have the probability to waste time. Because you are thinking about it, delaying it, recalling it again and again and then doing it. The other way out is, just do it and get over with it.

Time is money. Waste it now. Pay for it later. Sometimes, don’t wait for perfect moments, just take a moment and make it perfect. Try doing it!