Three Qualities We Look For In A Spouse And Turn Marriage In A Disaster

While looking for a perfect match, we all have different desires. For girls, nowadays, the prime attraction in a proposal is wealth, then looks, and then full stop. So most of the girls only want wealth and looks. Then it comes to boys. The prime attraction is beauty, then beauty again, and then status may be.

Here are the details of three qualities most of us want in our Spouse

1. Beauty 

On looking a beautiful girl, the first thought come in the mind of a bachelor boy, “She is so beautiful! I should marry her”. Same is the case with the girl. Handsome guys are most wanted for marriage. So thats a prime personality trait for marriage.

2. Wealth

what to look in a spouse
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But khoobsurati se pait b nai bharta or na hi khuahishaat poori hoti hain. So wealth is very important too. In fact nowadays in most cases wealth is more important than beauty. For girls good looks are important but most important is wealth. Guys also looks for wealthy girls, as koi plot shlot, gaari shaari to mil hi jayei gi. 

3. Status

what to look in a spouse

If I marry the CEO’s daughter! meri to zindagi ban jae gi!. A biggest attraction of today. By marrying the daughter of such “influencers” you get a chance to attend big events. You get along big shots. Or in other words, you make your place in high class or high gentry.  The dinners, the lunches, inaugurations, the launches and whats not.

4. The Most Ignored Reason of Marrying Taqwa

what t look in a spouse
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In both cases, girl or boy, character, religion, ikhlaq, do not have much value. However Prophet Mohammad said,

What to look in a woman

Unfortunately our lifestyle today is so much demanding. We look for short cuts. We don’t believe in our naseeb. If according to prophet taqwa is the best virtue then we should believe. An ugly wife starts looking most beautiful if she gives peace to the man. A poor husband starts looking richest to the wife if he gives respect and care to his wife.

Thus look for character in your spouse. You will get the rest of the things automatically.

Its fine to desire for beauty and wealth, but the priority should be character, ALWAYS.