Thigh High Uggs Hitting Pakistan Soon?

Oscar Wilde once said that fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that one has to alter every six months. And isn’t it true?

 The fashion trend you are about to behold is something on the lines of ugly. UGGs have been  worn by a lot of women here in Pakistan, even with shalwar kameez. So it won’t come as a surprise if men also follow suit and pick up the trend being displayed at the A/W Paris Fashion Week.


Thigh High UGG Boots For Men Are Now A Thing GettyImages 907556502Getty UK
Look at the photo above. Apart from what goes on a ramp could be beyond our normal human being’s understanding of fashion, men in thigh high UGGs could literally be ughhh!
One funny thing about designers is that they try to bring everything old back into fashion under pretense that something is classy and evergreen. So who threw it out the fashion zone in the first place?
Thigh High UGG Boots For Men Are Now A Thing GettyImages 907556488Getty UK

Designers are definitely not just shooting arrows in the air. They have certain designs and aspects in mind. Maybe just not that common for the common man especially when they say words like ‘experimenting’ ‘bringing unexpected to the ramp’.

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I mean who doesn’t like the shoes by Jimmy Choo and Louboutin ? We have all been there, done that and swooned over an expensive pair of stilettos and pumps. Even beautiful trainers. But let us not deviate from the UGG situation.

Thigh High UGG Boots For Men Are Now A Thing GettyImages 907556342Getty UK

The Y/Project’s  thigh high UGG boot collection is definitely unexpected. Will this trend move out of Paris fashion week and into Pakistan?

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