These Heartfelt Messages By Jemima Will Make You Say “Kaash Aap Hamari Maa Hoti”

Mostly we have seen women saying indecent things about their ex husbands, pulling their legs and always blaming them for disputes. However Jemima Khan or Jemima Goldsmith is indeed a different kind of woman. I feel after her divorce with IK, she supported him even more. The messages she is tweeting, are showing her class.

What a class… and what a woman… I think this lady has made the history of love and loyalty. We have always seen Jemima supporting Imran Khan on every front. Their marriage did not work. But neither Imran nor Jemima said a word against each other ever. They both respected each other as parents of their kids.

On seeing Jemima, I remembering the famous meme which was based on Amir Liaquat show where a teenage boy said to Amir Liaquat with tears in his eyes, Kaash hum aap mere baap hotey… THIS moved me to caption my article :).

I wish Imran Khan comes up to our expectation. Imran Khan is trusted and given opportunity to bring the trophies of success, peace and opportunities in Pakistan. I hope he won’t disappoint us.