The “Wadairey ka Beta” Culture in Pakistan

Last night me and my husband sneaked out from our tough routines to have Sehri  outside. We went to a famous Nihari  restaurant (as I feel desi food is best for sehri) and enjoyed very amazing food. On our way back home we chose Canal Road to enjoy signal free ride. We were having good chit chat when suddenly the car behind ours wanted us to give him way. He was in Mercedes and we in Alto. He sent this message to us through non stop horn, dippers and the annoying police lights fixed in the middle of his car’s dashboard.

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May be he had to reach home early for some reason or he had to go to washroom, but we just could not give him the way as we were in the first lane and the second lane had cars. There was no way we could change our lane and let him go.

I kept on asking my husband to do something and let him go because the guy was acting weird. Finally my husband managed to go in third lane and made his way clear. By that time there were no cars on right and left.

So we were in third lane, and what happened next was actually scary for kamzoor dil k afraad like me. The Mercedes guy did not cross us. In fact he tried to tease us by almost touching his car with us. If you are familiar with the Canal Road Lahore, you can imagine that the road ends at third lane and there is a slope after it. Our car was on the edge of road. The side view mirrors of his passenger seat and our driving seat almost touched. That was the moment when I started watching a movie in my mind like a typical Pakistani Aurat. The movie had scenes like the guy will come out of his car, shoot my husband and run. My life, my kids who are so much attached with my husband, what would we do without him. Second scene, he will hit our car with full pressure, our car would easily go down the slope and ACCIDENT. I was sitting at the passenger seat, was there any chance of survival? Meanwhile there were flashes of cases like Shahzeb murder, Interzar murder, Afaq murder…

Alhamdullillah the guy showed some courtesy and went away. We were safe!

But what hurts me is that everyone is not as lucky as I. Many lose their lives because of this “wadairey ka beta” culture. Shahzeb, Intezar,  Afaq they were normal people like me and you… They lost their lives, Why? because there is no STOP to this illegitimate power. There is no problem in murdering someone. The cheapest thing available in markets of Pakistan is the life of a “aam admi”.

Unfortunately we have become so immune to this culture I would say that when any of us get caught in a situation like I was last night, we say “blkl panga nai lena niklo yahan se, in  k paas gun ho sakti hai”. The wadairey k betey also know that they are absolutely safe.

Right now I am thinking that I could have taken a picture of the car, why didn’t I?. Because, I was so scared that I just wanted to reach home. Even after he went away, I kept on watching the back view mirror for the possibility of him chasing us.

I am thinking about all those mothers who lost their lakht-e-jigar to these unaccountable wadairas and their sons. Their kids did nothing wrong, but had to leave this world.

I wish someday we all wake up to a dawn where everyone is accountable, nobody is prior to law. No Shahzeb dies for saving his sister. Intezar stays happily with his parents. And yes, me and my husband do not get teased for not giving way to the bari gaari wala. I wish…

If you have any suggestions to put a full stop to this wadairey ka beta cultue,  please share in the comment sections. Maybe together we can make a difference.