The “Tarbooz Wala” Is Actually a Medical Student in Karachi

Over night fame is not a fantasy anymore. Initially we had Arshad Khan the Chai Wala, and now its tarbooz wala. But there is a twist in the story of tarbooz wala, that tarbooz wala is not a fruit seller in reality , but a medical student in Ziauddin Medical University.

Do you know what Arshad Khan is doing these days?

Awais Khan is originally from KPK and now in Karachi becoming a doctor. He was actually into a great cause of distributing aftar on streets when somebody took his picture that went viral on social media. Thus he became a tarbooz wala, and a big internet SENSATION. Recently he has given an adorable caption to his profile picture on facebook as Dr Tarbooz wala.

Tarbooz wala


I like really like a tweet about him saying

Well thats true. You never know where your next step will take you. Sometimes people keep on struggling their whole lives to come in limelight and die anonymously. And sometimes you are just roaming around the streets and become this famous as chai wala or tarbooz wala. However, our hard work always pays off in one way or another.