The Rack Couture-Where Girls are Flaunting Flabs? You Got to be Kidding Me!

It’s safe to say that we’ve truly landed in 21st century where we have a body positive brand and that TOO in Pakistan! So happy to see women “accepting” their body types and endorsing CURVES without fearing size ZERO!
Being a true believer of being confident in your own skin.. I came across these two amazing and talented ladies who felt the same way, Zenab Ali and Maryam Yousaf.

Co-founders of a clothing brand, The Rack Couture. The concept behind there boutique is something that every desi body cried for!
It’s time to find out more on it..

Tell us about The Rack?

The Rack Couture is a body positive clothing line that endorses curves and knows how to flaunt them! At The Rack, we believe in the jiggle of thighs, doubling of the chin, the goddess of the tan, glitter of the black and total body wisdom!
Our mantra is to have a relation with our “Whole Self” to achieve love, contentment and laughter!

Rack girls are thick, bold and beautiful.

Body Shaming-Social Taboo Awareness by Young Students

How did it all start?

It all started on a random discussion one day over tea. As we are also plus size and the sufferers of this fashion industry that creates clothes for the slim only, we discussed that how hard it is for a fat person to find good clothes or clothes their size for that matter! That’s when we decided that we could do this, end body shamming and start our very own and Pakistan’s first body positive brand that endorses curves!

The Rack Couture

How’s the journey so far?

It’s been great! We started it so random, just like that! And we are so SO grateful to everyone who supported us, lifted us, encouraged us and helped us! We believe that if you do things with a good intention, the entire universe comes together to help you. We’ve been through bad and tough times too…. But to be honest, it’s all an experience and a journey… not stopping anytime soon for sure!

Tell us about your collections and ideas behind them.

Our debut collection was Luxury Pret Eid Collection. As we were also launching our brand with it, we went with different styles and items design wise. We selected 3 very gorgeous women to model with us. So we were a group of 5 ladies, various sizes in one shoot. We had size 12, 14, 16 and 18, again this was happening for the first time in Pakistan at least! But guess what? The shoot was full of glam, fun and a lot of style!

The Rack Couture
Our second collection that’s launched recently is Abilène de Soie, which means a beautiful garden of silk. The collection consists of 4 serene pastel colors with embellished elements selected from nature. It’s like a perfect look for a summer days! We went ahead with sleeveless tops to break the common curse of not wearing sleeveless if you’re “fat” or a plus size.

What’s the future like?

Future # 1: Future is curvy FOR SURE! We want to keep endorsing curves and
promote body positivity, which is much needed by the people of Pakistan especially.
Our desi Asian genes cry for support and good clothes. Well, The Rack Couture is here to the rescue!

The Rack Couture

Future # 2: The Rack Couture is working on everything! Fun tees, casual / everyday wear, formals, bridals and accessories as well. Stay tunes as there’s a lot more that’s coming soon and we’re VERY excited about it 😀

Anything you want to say to our followers?

Yes! So many things!
– Stop body shaming! Every body is GOOD body
– You’re not defined by your shape or size
– Love yourself and love your body because that’s what makes you unique!
– Wear everything you feel like wearing!
Lastly, we’re just a message away! 🙂

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We wish The Rack Store all the best for their future endeavours.