Education has become a luxury and it is not just true for Pakistan. The phenomenon of the expensive the education, the brighter the students’ future has taken over the world. A lot has been debated against it as well with a lot of people focusing on home schooling their children, partly because of the sky high fee structure and partly due to religious reasons.

North London Collegiate School recently opened in Nad Al Sheba, Dubai is one such example. The opening ceremony was inaugurated by Phillip Parham the British ambassador to UAE and Dr Abdulla Al Karam, director general of Knowledge and Human Development Authority.

Fee structure is between Dh 83,000 to Dh 130,000 starting from pre kindergarten to high school students.

Parents these days look for schools that would guarantee top scores for their children. Sometimes parents are looking for a school where people from their social strata have enrolled their children. In the case of North London Collegiate School, a lot of British settled in Dubai because of work want to send their children to schools with standards that would match the education level back home.

Daniel Lewis, the principal of the school said that although the curriculum of North London School is in line with British standards, the school is not looking to be accredited by British Schools Overseas Accreditation. There is a Council of International Schools accreditation which is what the principal is aiming for.

The question remains, has education become a luxurious commodity. Why has good standard of education become synonymous to higher fee structure. British expats living in Middle East look for a better standard of education with curriculum in sync with their education system back home; do they also easily agree to the fee structure?