The Courage of w/o Naeem Rashid Will Make You Ask Yourself; “Am I Even a Muslim”

Living in a free state with Islam as its official religion, is mostly taken for granted by the citizens. In this scenario where no one forbids us from following our religion, we feel ourselves “champions” by offering Namaz, growing beard or taking hijab etc. We are told constantly by our Qur’an and Hadees to “do more” when it comes to pleasing Allah. However we always think that the sacrifices our ancestors made are not practical and applicable in today’s world.

WE think that the stories of Hazrat Ammar Bin Yasser, Hazrat Khabbaab, Mussab Bin Umair, Hazrat Yasir, Hazrat Summya, to name a few, are fantasies because we don’t have enough air in our lungs to say out loud through actions what we are supposed to being Muslims.

A Pakistani Sacrificed his Life to Stop the Terrorist in ChristChurch Mosque 

BUT this video is giving feelings of both embarrassment and achievement. Embarrassment because sitting in my cozy bed, enjoying peace, relationships and every other blessing, I don’t have this contentment on my face as she does. And achievement because me and this woman have same religion.

Girls might have so many dreams before marriage about having career, being beautiful, being independent and many other elements. But once she gets married, the priorities get changed. I am not saying that she doesn’t want to have carrier or wants to look beautiful etc, but family and especially the kids come at the top of the list.

For a mother, her child is like the oxygen that she needs to stay alive. Many scholars term children as coolness of eyes, and yes they are. Losing such a precious thing is an unmeasurable loss. Usually mothers who loose their kids gets mental instability and I would say the grief is so immense that this instability is absolutely justified.

But what kind of mother she is? Is she from a different breed? The answer is, YES… I feel she is from the same breed as our great Muslim ancestors and Sahabiyaat were.

So, such muslims still exist. What shook me to my core was her words that she feels petty for the terrorist because he doesn’t have love in his heart. That terrorist killed her husband Naeem Rashid and son. She was married to Naeem Rashid since 1996. A relationship of almost 22 years was taken away from her in fraction of second by that person, and she didn’t have a single curse for him. And we… our maid doesn’t come for two days for all genuine reasons and we start cursing her like anything.

What kind of muslims we are? Are we even muslims? Her faith has given her strength. Thats the same we have put in a high cupboard (Qur’an) and never open it…

Today most of us have anxiety problems, depression, complains, unhappiness, sadness, ungratefulness and the list goes on and on… Don’t you think that this lady has all good reasons of developing all the above mentioned problems?

I am ashamed of myself today for being an angry mother, an ungrateful wife, and most of all an ungrateful Muslim. BUT I hope I can be a good muslim like her because I have same Allah as she does….

May we all stay in peace, may Allah create ease for this great lady at every step. I don’t need to say RIP Rashid and Talha Naeem (son of Rashid Naeem) because I have faith that Allah is being the best host for these Shuhadas right now 🙂.