“Terrorism to Tourism”-Alynne Terms Pakistan “A Perfect Tourist Destination”

In my 30 years of life, it has always been a dream that the world takes Pakistan as a peaceful country. However all I have been hearing is that Pakistan has terrorism, extremism, oppression, and many other things that offend all of us. War on terror was clearly not our choice, but was imposed on us. So, after ages, now I feel that my dream is coming true. Yes, the international world has started seeing Pakistan from our eyes and  this is amazing.

Foreigners visit our country, and when they leave they take best memories from Pakistan.

Kate and Lukasz think its very addictive to be in Pakistan.

Recently Alyne Tamir, a travel blogger, visited our country. Alyne is a wonderful vlogger and has a very interesting YouTube Channel with name Dear Alyne. Her vlogs are as catchy as NAS Daily. Alyne visited Pakistan few days back and we saw her enjoying great food at Sweet Tooth Lahore;

Alyne Tamir in Pakistan

Recently she made a vlog on Pakistan; from terrorism to tourism, and the video has everything that we Pakistanis always wanted to hear;

Before coming to Pakistan, she was not very sure, but now she sounds very happy with the scenic views and generous people. Her instagram posts are genuinely treat to watch;

alyne Tamir in Pakistan






Here is how Alyne’s tour going so far, wish you great fun and thank you so much for being our guest  🤗