Ten Ways Islam is the MOST Feminist Religion BUT with Dignity!

Suffering humanity or Dukhi Insaanyaat are the terms mostly used for women in our society. Domestic violence, not giving women rights in inheritance, dowry, and many of the same sort are the problems commonly faced by the women in our society.

Most of the people are of the view that Islam is the root cause of these sufferings because it bounds women to go liberal.

However I strongly believe that Islam is the most Feminist religion! Let me show you how…

  1. Mard khandaan ka Qawaam hai
  2. Aurat Ghar ki Malika hai
  3. Aik Mard Pe sab se Zada Gaq Uski Maan Ka hai
  4.  Lout K aai hoi Beti per sadqa Behtareen sadqa hai
  5. Biwi ko Khana khilana, uske Glass se Paani peena sunnat hai
  6. Behtareen mard wo hai jo apney ghar waloon k saath acha sulook karey
  7. Beti khuda ki rehmat hai
  8. Beti ki achi tarbiyaat krney wala Pyarey Nabi ka Paroosi ho ga
  9. Maan k pairoon k neechey jannat
  10. Mard ka Ghar k kaam krna Sunnat hai

These are the few points I remember at the moment. There are many other things that go in the favour of women that I m skipping at the moment.

If we follow our religion as per its real gist, we don’t need any Aurat March. We don’t need to lose our dignity by holding play cards like;

Aurat March Aurat March Aurat March Aurat March Aurat March

Its nothing but only showing the extreme distance of these women from Islam because If they were not, they didnt need this protest.