Ten Types of JAAHIL LOOG You Meet on Roads Everyday

When I was about eight years old, I once heard a traffic warden saying,

loogoon ka khayaal hota hai k bus hum se bach jaye, hum bus se na bachein. 

Similarly there was another saying from  a Siyaana,

While driving, remember you are the only one that has brain in head. 

At that time I was not mature enough to interpret these thoughts properly. However now I get the gist of these, and can surely say that these are absolutely true.

Being on road, we come across different situations when involuntarily we say, or it comes out of our mouth, JAAHIL LOOG!

Here are five kinds of Jaahil loog we meet everyday, if not all five, then one of them is a must.

1.  A car who has to go straight but standing in the first lane on right/left side when the signal is red, thus blocking the way of cars who have to take right/left turn.

2. In heavy traffic, you are following your lane and waiting for traffic to move, suddenly someone from behind passes you while breaking the line, and blocks traffic, TOTAL BLOCK.

3. Signal just shows red light. You follow the rules and stop, and the car behind you gives you horns in anger, and you are like, Jaahil insaan nazar nai aata singnal bund hai!

4. Someone on donkey cart, chingchi, motorcycle or rickshaw, insert its choonch, sorry front wheel, in the crossing that has a number of bigger transports, thus stops you from crossing. At that moment you say, Jaahil insaan! pehley aap chaley jayein.

Via Rta.org


5. The loofers on bike doing chare chaar with the girls sitting on chingchi. 

6. The wadaira ka beta in car behind you giving you dippers and horns to move aside and give him way, and you are like Jaahil insaan nazar nai aa raha is taraf gaari hai???

annoying drivers
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7. This one is really cute… while driving on main road some people suddenly slow down their speed, and you are like kia masla hai!. But when you overtake them you are pleased to know they are very cutely using mobile, or talking to the person sitting on passenger seat, eating something, or… simply thinking...

annoying drivers
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8. A person while driving or any other sitting in the car throws out garbage, and you cannot help saying, Jaahil insaan itni bari gaari mei baith gaya, manners naam k nai hain.

annoying drivers
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9. People following ambulance to reach the destination early

10. People taking turns without giving indicators.

Here are few of the Jaahil loog I observed on roads. If you have experienced Jaahil loog other than these, do share through comments.