Ten Old Pakistani OSTs You Can Enjoy Any Where Any Time!

Pakistani Dramas are matchless, especially the oldies. No matter how much progress our neighbourhood makes in media industry, they are still unable to compete with our dramas. Our dramas are ever green. Similarly, our OSTs are great too. Here is a collection all time favourite OSTs from old Pakistani dramas.

1. Dhoop Kinarey- Raat Yun Dil Mei

2. Zaib-un-Nisa- Khuwaab Martey Nahi

3. Ansoo- Tanha Tanha Jeevan Key

4. Nasl- Hum Aisey Bhoolney Waley Nahi They

5. Alpha Bravo Charlie- Aankhein Dekhti 

6. Ashiyana- Ashiyana ye Sohana 

7. Nangey Paoon- Ab to Ansoo hain

8. Mystery Seriers- Peera Hua

Do you remember these SUPER DUPER HIT 1990’s songs???

9. Kabhi abhi Pyar Mei- Kabhi Kabhi Pyar Mei

10. Aik Muhabbat Soo Afsaaney- Kabhi to Nazar Milao

Whats your favourite OST, let us know though commenting 🙂