Tehzeeb Baker’s Employee’s Claim Is Real Or Fake?

In a new video on social media, a Tehzeeb baker’s employee gives account of how they were kicked out before Nawaz Sharif and other PML-N members were to visit.

The staff of the ex PM brought in their own people who staged to be Tehzeeb’s employees. Well  a lot of people claim the video below to be fake, there seems to be some truth in it. How far is this true, we can’t say for sure.

There is another video below, which shows the other side of the story. If the claims of the young man in the video above are correct, then these people excited to meet the PML-N politicians are fake.

Senator of PML N “groping” a girl infuriated social media

Nawaz Sharif’s appearance at this local bakery,  staged or real?

So as readers and awaam what is your take on this little incident that raises questions about what is a true leader and who to believe?