Are You Taking Too Much of ibuprofen?

A study carried out in the US reveal that taking pain killers above recommended dose can have adverse long term health problems. Drugs like ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, celecoxib, and meloxicam are being consumed by people over the recommended dose.

A study was carried out by Pharmocoepidemiology and Drug Safety found that 15% of the 1326 people in the study were taking these drugs on a daily basis and exceeding the safe limit.

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Fifty five percent of the people revealed using ibuprofen 3 days in a week. Another 16 percent took it daily. While as many as 37 percent people told they took more than just ibuprofen during the week without consulting a doctor.

via Japan Info

Dr David Kaufman of Boston University, the lead doctor carrying out the study warned that exceeding recommended dosage can lead to health problems.

Long term use can lead to gastrointestinal bleeding and heart attacks. People need to be more aware of the side effects and dangers of getting used to medicines like that.

Dr Liffert Vogt at the University of Amsterdam believes that as common as these drugs are they should be not accessible to the public without prescription.

These drugs that mainly act as painkillers and help in calming down cold are available over the counter. People get into the habit of popping a pill to avoid aches and pains during their busy life routines. The daily lifestyle of most people all over the world has become more stressful than ever. Work overload, multitasking, and juggling social life with work life all leave us barely any time to get satisfactory rest. Taking a pill of Panadol or ibuprofen is a much quicker and easy way to deal with those random aches and pains.