Tahira: The Girl We Need To Talk About

We have a 17 year old code breaker from Swat district and that to a girl isn’t that incredible?

Tahira Muhammad from Swat valley is yet another intelligent girl with a lot of potential. She teaches English in a school during the day and takes computer science classes in the afternoon.

What is her story?

Her mother used to work as a housekeeper and Tahira used to tag along. Her interest for gadgets led to her desire to learn more about them. She was given the laptop to use by the generous people her mother worked for. While her mother worked around the house, Tahira was busy exploring a whole new world of computers.

Today, at a young age of 17 she even creates software for NGOs and the local government.

She aspires to be a software engineer one day for her hometown Swat’s progress. With energy in her eyes and hard work in her nature, she aims to educate the girls of Swat.

Her mother, Reham Bibi is too ill to work now and wishes her daughter to achieve her goals of becoming an engineer.

Sadly, Tahira only earns RS 400 per month. But it is her motivation, her desire to do something bigger, her dream to be an engineer one day that keeps her going.

Lest we have forgotten about the young Tahira who came to a brief limelight last year, we need to revisit these potential youngsters.

Watch her inspirational video here