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Child raising has been an important part of the everyday discussion among parents, especially among mothers. How and what a child should eat, how he behaves, his routines, behaviors, schooling options are important topics to explore. Not only this, mothers are also found looking for such activities which can engage kids in their constructive learning. What about an idea of presenting all kids-moms related issue in a single platform under a qualified medical doctor whose field of interest is also Child Psychology? Sounds exciting, right? So here is a Facebook page by the name of Super Creative Mamas.

Anum Nawab is the owner of this group who is doing remarkably great in addressing mother-child related concerns. Her hands-on experience and relatedness of field make the mother’s life easier by putting a query and get instant responses from not only a professional active member on board but also from other mothers’ experiences. Besides this amazing problem-solving group, Anum and her team also offer scheduled and pre-planned learning-based activities to throw a spark among kids to explore their imagination. The team feels really honored to get a chance to interview such a talented Dr. mom and an owner of this outstanding group. Let’s see what she has to tell us!

Tell our readers about your background.

Super Creative Mamas
Anum Nawab: Idea Generator of Super Creative Mamas

I have been born and raised pretty much in Karachi. Since my very childhood, I had been obsessed with becoming a doctor so, did my O-levels from Beacon house PECHS campus and went further on to Beacon House Jubilee campus for A-level. Then pursued my medical degree from Zia Uddin University. Soon after medical school, I got married and I completed my house job experience and my bundle of joy (my son) came along in 2015. Currently, I juggle between full time raising my son and working as an online doctor for a second consult medical website.

How the idea of Super Creative Mamas and offering STEM activities to children came into your mind?

There are two major reasons of how stem education and play-based activity learning came to my mind. Since medical school, I have always had a keen interest in child psychology. Firstly, being a doctor, I realized how developmental, language and motor delays are on the rise. Secondly, I realize how difficult it is for mothers nowadays to preoccupy their high-energy kids and channel their energy into a productive and learning experience. With the knowledge I possess, I want to support and help women, so they could benefit from my experience and I could introduce them to STEM and play-based learning and change the mindset that education is not only for early childhood but for all ages in Pakistan. It should become cross-contextual across disciplines encouraging them to attain critical thinking and problem-solving skills, hence the birth of SUPER CREATIVE MAMAS-PAKISTAN. We also hold educational storytelling and stem-based events.

Super Creative Mamas
Catchy and Child-friendly set up

What is your biggest motivation for this group and venture?

My biggest motivation is my son when I see how stem and PBL have incorporated critical thinking and problem-solving skills in my child. How reading with him has resulted in an excellent vocabulary and intelligence along with emotional stability, it makes me want to push even harder, so I can help other mothers and provide them a platform where they can also bond, look for advice and mentally engage them. It has become increasingly difficult to entertain kids nowadays without a screen because kids are getting smarter every passing generation and require mental stimulation. The technology used at the right age in the right way can really do wonders. It makes my heart fill with joy when I see mothers on my group getting inspired by each other and using their creative side and similar activities to educate their kid and helping each other, guiding them throughout.

Super Creative Mamas

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Who is your biggest support regarding what you are doing?

My biggest supporters are my family, more importantly, my mother and my husband, who encouraged me throughout the venture and were there whenever I was on the verge of giving up. They keep me going.

What were initial thoughts from your family/peers when you floated your idea?

They are very understanding and open-minded family so when they heard how I wanted to do this to help other mothers and kids out, they were supportive and believed in my ideology. They had observed how play-based learning and my methods of teaching him raised his intellectual ability, so they had no doubts about the idea. I was in fact worried because I wasn’t sure whether I could commit to this forever, but till it lasts it will benefit everyone who will be a part of it. It doesn’t just serve as an activity guide but also a support group for mommies, who want to ask queries related to motherhood freely, wherever and whenever.

What are the most challenging moments you face to date?

There are many challenging moments I have faced running this group up to date. Keeping the group relevant and not to go overboard is the primary challenge. It should be an encouraging and supportive ground for all the mommies out there. The content generation is not easy. Keeping the active members interested. Mother-child bonding can teach a child so much through play and stem-based activities.

Super Creative Mamas

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The most important is when we organize an educational story and stem session like no one else is doing, I realize that I feel the need to justify when I charge them as minimal as I can, but when there’s a sale at a clothing store people don’t ask for any justification before spending. If you honestly add up all the expenses of an event of this scale and the numerous structured activities and quality materials, time and effort invested into it, you will realize I don’t even make enough to pay my team. Which is difficult because of good things in life fade otherwise.

Super Creative Mamas

How often do you offer STEM-based activities?

We started in October’17 since then we had a total of five sessions so far, but we plan to keep it bi-monthly/quarterly from now onwards as the expenses, team effort, and my work schedule has to be taken into account.

Super Creative Mamas
Kids engaged in Play based Learning

Tell us about your team.

My team comprises of two experienced mothers and artists (Sadaf and Sehrish) and a marketing expert (Isra) who happens to be my best friend of 15 years now.

Super Creative Mamas
From L-R: Sehrish, Isra, Anum, Sadaf

Nowadays many institutes offer fun based learning but only restricted to preschool level. Don’t you think such activities should be a part of the academic curriculum at every level till secondary school?

Yes, some preschools work on the principle of play-based learning and are doing a great job but plenty still are structured like preparatory schools, forcing little kids to write before age and do structured worksheets and rote learn names of animals and numbers without giving them the real sense of numeracy and depriving them of their sensorial experiences that can be used as a learning medium instead. Not only should hand on learning be a part of primary education but secondary education as well as there’s so much practical work can teach kids that textbooks cannot.

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Any interesting or most memorable experience you want to share with our readers.

My most memorable experience so far is that when a mother attended my stem and story session and she and her daughter enjoyed it so much, she was ecstatic and hugged me before leaving. There was so much to learn and experience that she personally messaged me and said that my child is crying because she’s saying she wants to come to me every day for activity and story. I was deeply touched, to be honest, I felt like all our hard work paid off when someone so little advocated for us.

Super Creative Mamas
Storytelling session

Are you satisfied with what you are doing?

I’m currently satisfied, with the amount of hard work, my team and I have put into this venture gladly its paid off in terms of appreciation and encouragement we receive every day.

What are your future plans?

This will continue on the side and will grow if time and opportunity allow. I will resume my residency training soon inshallah.

Your thoughts about

I personally think it’s an amazing digital medium, which is comprehensive, deals with insights ranging from tech to lifestyle to current news. More importantly its run by a really genuine person which is reflected in the content itself.

It was undoubtedly a very thorough and detailed discussion with Anum. I would like to thank you for dedicating your time for this interview. And wish you very best of luck in your future endeavors.

Dear Karachite moms of young kids, it’s a huge shout out for Super Creative Mamas next activity session. Stay connected!