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Nayyab Ali- A Successful Transgender in Pakistan With a Painful Childhood

successful transgender in Pakistan

“Transgender is another name of tolerance”, says Nayyab Ali, who is the prominent social activist for the transgender community in Pakistan. There are people around us who are abandoned by both luck and support for the reason they can’t be blamed for, but Allah sends torchbearers like Nayyab Ali for them who come forward as the real sunshine in this array of darkness. Nayyab’s really wants to change the social stereotypes associated with transgender community and she is working really hard for it. A few days back, we feel really honored to get a chance to interview Nayyab. Let’s dig more into her activities:

Tell our readers about yourself.

I am Nayyab Ali. My birth name was Muhammad Arslan. I was born in Okara and completed my matriculation from Scholars Public School. I did my intermediate from superior college Okara and got my bachelor’s degree from Punjab University. My family disowned me in my early childhood when I was 13 years old only.

Your inspiration?

My teacher Sir Shahid Rasheed in my school levels was my 1st inspiration. He gave me tuitions free of cost. Morally he guides me a lot. Sir Hameed lecturer of physics was very kind to me. My college deputy coordinator Irfan Ahmad supported me all the time in college activities. They built confidence in my personality. Because of their support, now I don’t feel hesitation on any stage.

Who is your biggest support regarding your decision to join politics?

I am a well-known transgender rights activist. I took many initiatives to empower the transgender community. APTEN All Pakistan Transgender Election Network and my community has been my biggest support regarding my decision to join politics.

What is your political agenda?

My agenda is:

• to get the transgender community recognized because this uneducated and unempowered community is often neglected.
• to work for the welfare of the community so they can be acknowledged by society.
• to work for the education health empowerment and all other fundamental rights of women, disabled minorities youth, and transgenders.
• to make facilitation to take part in the electoral process on local provincial and national level of women and transgenders.
• to work for the allocation of reserved seats for the transgender community from local to senate levels like women.
• education health and unemployment are basic issues of the country.
• to legislate for the fundamental rights of transgender minorities and women.
• to ensure the implementations of all legislation regarding human rights.

What were initial thoughts from your family/peers when you floated your interest to open the first transgender school in Pakistan?

As I told you that family disowned me in early childhood. Society response was not good. They did not want to give us building on rent for school. Now alhamdulillah they accepted us and respect us a lot.

Tell us briefly about Aurat Foundation.

Aurat Foundation is an NGO working for women rights. They did a project namely AWAAZ with DAI UK Aid. I was the part of this project in Okara as a head of Awaaz Aaghai Center.

What are the motives of Crystal View Welfare Foundation?

Crystal View Welfare Foundation is an NGO working for street children. It also works for transgender empowerment and entrepreneurship.

What were the most challenging moments in your life so far?

It was when I faced acid attacks. It was indeed the most challenging and painful moment. This is unforgettable for me.

What do you enjoy the most?

Social work.

Are you satisfied with what you are doing?

Yes, I am.

Any interesting or most memorable experience of your life so far.

Trans life is full of sorrows. Transgender is another name of tolerance, so I have no positive memorable experiences.

Transgender Person Working as a News Caster in Pakistan 

You are mashallah involved in so many projects. How do you manage?

I make timetable daily and have a schedule diary also. It helps me in management.

Your future plans.

To make the transgender community more visible. My manifesto is my future plan.

What do you do in your ample time?

I have no ample time. I am in struggling phase, so I can’t think to sit idle.

Any suggestions to those transgenders who also wish to contribute constructively in society.

First, complete your education. After uniting the community, be an activist. If you need any help, you can contact me, and I will guide you more.

Any thoughts about

It is modern face of journalism. They are showing the positive face of Pakistan. I personally like

We, a team of really get inspired by Nayyab’s views and her actions both. We wish her great luck and assure our support in every possible way we could do to raise awareness to masses. You are not alone, is with you Nayyab.

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