Student Gang Raped by Police in Rawalpindi has STEPPED BACK from the Case in Front of Court

Sadness, heart break, frustration and hopelessness are few steps towards realisation that nothing can change in our country. It shows that the Jungle law will always prevail. There were hopes that the culprits will stay behind bars in Naya Pakistan, but that too has now become a dream. Few days back a 22 years old student was gang raped by police in Rawalpindi. The girl filed a case and the culprits were arrested. The policemen who committed this heinous crime were identified as Muhammad Naseer, Rashid Minhas, Muhammad Azeem and Amir.

police raped girl
Via Geo News

But in the case proceedings, the girl said that her initial statement that was recorded right after the sexual assault on 24th May should considered null and that she wanted to record a new statement. Ironically the new statement said that the nominated personals were not involved in the case and that she didn’t know their name before filing the FIR.

Thus she stepped back. Later the reports revealed that the victim’s parents were pressurised to step back from the case.

Shahid Masood’s revelations in Zainab Murder Case

Every second day, literally every second day we are witnessing incidents that are shaking us to our cores, yet Na zameen phat-ti hai aur na aasmaan girta hai.  Consider last ten days,  brutal rape and murder of Farishta, Police rape this student, torture and murder of Uzma, killing of three brothers, the girl Rubab who is denied justice even after witnessing the merciless murder of her father, uncle and grand father. I think the list goes on because these are the few cases that we come to know through twitter. There must be numbers that go unnoticed and unregistered.

I don’t blame the victim or her parents, they must have thought apni bachi kuchi izzat bacah ka chup chaap baith jayein…

When Shireen Mazari was given the ministry of human rights, I felt great because she is a strong, dedicated and honest woman. However still the frustration and hopelessness is at its peak.

Long live Pakistan…