Soul Sisters’ Kanwal Ahmad Selected For Facebook’s Community Program-YES Originality Matters!

I came to know about Soul Sisters Facebook Group about two years back. For six months, I kept on sending requests to become member of the group, but my request was always denied. I could not figure out the possible reason of that rejection. Then a friend, who was a member of SSP said that maybe my display picture was the reason of request denial as the picture had my husband holding my baby girl.

The not so average Average Mommy…

So… I changed my DP, and I finally entered the soul sisters family. Strangely, the rejections to my request inspired me a lot. The group admin was merely not into increasing the number of followers, but was/is only concerned about maintaining the trust that soul sisters have on her.

In this world of show-off, we hardly come across people who have talent against the wind. And Kanwal Ahmad or Kanwalful definitely has the guts. Recently Kanwal Ahmad is selected for Facebook’s Community Leadership Program. Kanwal is one of the 115 leaders selected from a pool of 6000 applicants all over the world. This program is about the leaders who are capable of building communities around the globe.

Kanwal says in this regard, “They saw something special in Soul Sisters Pakistan. They recognised my relentless drive to empower women with THEIR voice. They thought my vision for my community was worth investing in. They wanted me to be part of their program with a hundred brilliant leaders and minds from around the world. I am humbled. Honoured. And absolutely drenched in gratitude,”

There are many reasons of getting inspired from Kanwal. She is a big name at Facebook (especially in Pakistani women). YET she is so accessible. I talk to her simply sending her a message on Facebook. She has set rules for her page that are not comprisable. The topic discussed are mostly against mainstream or typical thinking, but heartiest feelings of many.

So, I believe that originality can take you to the heights of success. All we need is to believe in ourselves and to be patient. Kanwal must had a journey of failures that led her to the heights of success. We wish you all the very best Kanwal Ahmad. May you keep on prospering…🤗