In the world of IT, so far we have witnessed rivalries between Digital and IBM, Mac and Windows, Apple and IBM and the latest, iOS and Android. But the new era of technology is upbringing a war between Amazon and Google.

Google has already initiated the competition by sensationalizing the tech market with its new hardware. Google is expected to launch a small edition of Google Home smart speaker, Chromebook laptop and innovative Pixel smartphones. All these products are expected to have ‘the Google Assistant’ which itself is voice based AI (artificial intelligence) technology.

Like Apple has Siri in it, Google Pixel, launched last year had built in Assistant for the first time in history of Google smartphones. A year back, Google launched the Home Smart speaker through which the user can interact with his phone. Even the budget Chromebook laptops are likely to have the Assistant technology soon.

It looks like Google Assistant is more like an answer to Amazon’s Alexa which is the first smart voice assistant built in its Echo smart speakers. Few days back, Amazon has revealed a stream of Alexa hardware that has Fire TV streaming box, Echo smart speakers and pair of accessories.

Google and Amazon have already been competing in cloud computing. Amazon has developed its own operating system for its Fire TV devices and tablets to avoid Android and Google is in effort of replacing Amazon for online shopping.